Lego Millennium Falcon 75192 worth the $800 MSRP?

Lego Millennium Falcon 75192 Star Wars

Lego recently unveiled their largest and most expensive Lego set ever, the Millennium Falcon 75192. This is a remake over the previous version, set #10179. Before the remake, that previous version was selling between $3,000-$4,000 as seen in the chart below.

lego millennium falcon 10179 chart star wars

The Millennium Falcon’s popularity is unmatched, it has 7,541 pieces, and is both a great short term and long term hold. The official release date will be October 1st. (Lego VIP members had access to purchase it on September 14th.) It’s already selling for $1,800 on the secondary market. We expect it to continue to be in and out of stock this holiday season.

So, to answer our question, is the new Millennium Falcon worth it at $800?

Verdict:  YES

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