Will the Lego Ferrari F40 10248 double in price once it sells out?

Lego Ferrari F40 10248 chart

Amazon has the Lego Ferrari F40 10248 available for $99.99. This set is retiring and is worth picking up for one’s collection as well as for investment. It has a high sales rank on Amazon and Ferrari is extremely popular with car enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at what the Ferrari might do once it disappears from Amazon.

Lego Ferrari F40 10248 chart

As you can see from the chart while it was available at retail, other sellers were at $160.00. Then as soon as it briefly disappeared from Amazon, it shot up to $220.00. We an expect this trend to continue, which is why we recommend picking up some Ferrari’s until they sell out.


Target buy price: $90-$100

Target sell price: $175-$200

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