Inkling Girl & Boy Nintendo Splatoon Amiibo Figure

Inkling Girl Nintendo Amiibo FigureInkling Boy Nintendo Amiibo Figure

Target has the Nintendo Amiibo Splatoon Inkling Girl and Boy, both on clearance for only $2.98 each. That’s 79% off their $12.99 MSRP. They are both in the Top 100 Category for Video Games>Interactive Gaming Figures on Amazon. Continue reading “Inkling Girl & Boy Nintendo Splatoon Amiibo Figure”

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Nintendo Figures

super mario odyssey amibbo figures

At E3 this year, Nintendo revealed 3 new Amiibo figures based on the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey game. The figures are Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach, all dressed in dapper white outfits. They will retail for $12.99 each and are currently available for pre order. Continue reading “Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Nintendo Figures”